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ViajeoPLUS – International Coordination for Implementation of Innovative and Efficient Urban Mobility Solutions
The project aims to benchmark outstanding solutions for innovative and green urban mobility in Europe, Latin America, China and Singapore and subsequently facilitate the uptake of these solutions across different cities in these regions, and in Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs).

SIMBA – Transforming road transport through worldwide cooperation
SIMBA fosters research cooperation on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), road infrastructure and automotive development between Europe and emerging countries (Brazil, China, India and South Africa).

VIAJEO – International Demonstrations of Platforms for Transport Planning and Travel Information
Development of a platform that enables data exchange between transport planning, transport
operation and management and transport data management. The platform is applied in
demonstration projects in Athens, Sao Paulo, Beijing and Shanghai.

STADIUM – Smart Transport Applications Designed for Large Events with Impacts on Urban Mobility

STADIUM aims to improve the performance of transport services for huge events. Therefore, a set of guidelines and tools are developed to implement management support systems.

EUTRAIN – European Transport Research Area INternational Cooperation Activities
EUTRAIN aims to strengthen the international cooperation in transport research between Europe and other regions worldwide.

SMARTFREIGHT – Smart Freight Transport in Urban Areas
SMARTFREIGHT intends to make urban freight transport more efficient, environmentally friendly and safe by assessing ICT solutions for urban traffic management and freight management.

BESTFACT – Best Practice Factory for Freight Transport
The objective of BESTFACT is to develop, disseminate and enhance the utilisation of best practices and innovations in freight transport.

TURBLOG is designed from a complementary perspective for the work that is being promoted at the EU level by the BESTUFS network, by addressing urban logistics from a wider (geographical) perspective, focusing upon a worldwide level (in general) and on Brazil and Peru (in particular).

TIDE – Transport Innovation Deployment for Europe
The mission of the TIDE project will be to enhance the broad transfer and take-up of 15 innovative urban transport and mobility concepts throughout Europe and to make a visible contribution to establish them as mainstream measures.

Since 2002, CIVITAS has been supporting cities to introduce ambitious transport measures and policies towards sustainable urban mobility. The goal is to achieve a significant shift in the modal split towards sustainable transport, an objective reached through encouraging both innovative technology and policybased strategies.

Eltis facilitates the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences in the field of sustainable urban mobility in Europe. It is aimed at individuals working in transport as well as in related disciplines, including urban and regional development, health, energy and environmental sciences. The dedicated Mobility Plans section offers a hub of information on how to develop and implement Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) as the need for more sustainable and integrated planning processes in Europe grows. 

Poly-SUMP, Polycentric Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, aims to develop a sustainable mobility planning methodology in polycentric regions

Clean Fleets
The Clean Fleets project assists public authorities and fleet operators with the implementation of the Clean Vehicles Directive and the procurement or leasing of clean and energy-efficient vehicles.