SOLUTIONS products

Traffic EgyptThis section will include SOLUTIONS products prepared until now. Only public documents will be available for download, but deliverables will be listed as a reference with a short description to give an indication of the contents of the deliverable.

Projects outputs will include:

  • Stocktake report on sustainable urban mobility solutions from Europe, Asia, Latin America:  
  • Focusing primarily on policy and the regional policy environment,
  • Feasibility studies for four cities in China, India, Mexico and Brasil,  
  • Guidelines on the uptake of innovative sustainable urban mobility solutions and technologies in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Mediterranean,  
  • Recommendations for the European Commission on future research opportunities.



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Working Paper on innovative solutions in cities around the world

This document on the identification of innovative solutions, describes in detail the potential solutions of the six thematic clusters to common urban transport challenges. The solutions are derived from practical experiences from Europe and other countries. It offers to transport professionals a catalogue of urban mobility measures, which are successfully implemented in cities around the world.


Recommendation on EU-China Cooperation

Report on the EU-China Green Urban Mobility workshop​: “Towards Innovative Joint Solutions for Common Urbanisation Challenges”. The workshop identified areas for EU - China cooperation and discussed matters concerned with the transferability of these measures between the jurisdictions, and research frameworks under which future cooperation could be organised. A number of SOLUTIONS consortium members invited to join the EU-China workshop to contribute to the sustainable urban mobility session.


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Knowledge Sharing Kit

The knowledge sharing kit provides basic information on the objectives and implementation of selected solutions, per cluster, aimed at transport professionals in take-up cities or other interested transport experts.

Training Kit

The training kit provides basic capacity-building activities for professionals in the take-up cities and support in accessing existing capacity building programmes. This kit assembles existing training materials and approaches, re-orienting these towards the thematic clusters and adapting them to the training needs of the take-up candidates.

Transferability analysis: innovative sustainable urban solutions from Europe, Singapore, China and Latin America

To undertake a transfer process between EU cities and cities around the world, a methodological framework has been developed in SOLUTIONS that defines the conditions for a successful transfer while identifying the limits of each transfer case (transfer barriers).This document includes a transferability analysis methodology that has been produced from a desktop study of previous methodologies, which was then further improved through a review process. Within the SOLUTIONS project, this document will provide guidance to analyse success factors and barriers for transfer of the innovative solutions between the Leading Cities and the Take Up cities.


Joint Recommendations on Policy for Future Research Agenda for Cooperation with Mediterranean Partner countries

Based on the assessment of city needs and the identification of current gaps in MPCs, this document provides some recommendations on behalf of the SOLUTIONS and the VIAJEO Plus projects, for future research with the aim to improve cooperation with the Mediterranean Partners Countries in order to encourage MPCs to adopt sustainable urban transport solutions in the near future.


Assessment of city needs and gap analysis

This deliverable presents and analyzes the framework conditions of different Mediterranean cities and identifies their existing needs, gaps and priorities with regard to urban transport mobility solutions. The aim is to build a common understanding of the current conditions in the Mediterranean region and conduct a preliminary assessment of selected solutions, based on identified needs, within the context of four thematic clusters: Public transport, Transport infrastructure, City logistics and Integrated planning/Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).

SOLUTIONS in the Mediterranean

This report addresses the urban mobility needs, policy barriers and the uptake of sustainable solutions in Mediterranean partner countries. It presents the key findings from the assessment of urban mobility conditions in the selected MPCs and, in more detail, in Israel, Morocco and Turkey.

SOLUTIONS in Latin America

This report addresses the urban mobility needs, policy barriers and the uptake of sustainable solutions in Latin American partner countries. It presents the key findings from the assessment of urban mobility conditions in Brazil and Mexico. 



This report addresses the urban mobility needs, policy barriers and the uptake of sustainable solutions in Asian partner countries. It presents the key findings from the assessment of urban mobility conditions in China and India.

Online consulting tool

The SOLUTIONS online consulting tool aims to efficiently guide urban transport professionals into the innovative and green urban mobility solutions that were investigated within the project, facilitating the identification of those fitting best their interests and needs. More specifically, urban transport professionals and policy makers can select the thematic cluster they are interested in and get a comprehensive overview of the respective solutions.