This section provides information about SOLUTIONS project achievements, milestones, and products.

Thematic Clusters

SOLUTIONS will focus on testing the transferability of innovative sustainable mobility solutions around six thematic clusters

Cluster 1: Public transport

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Cluster 2: Transport infrastructures

Cluster 3: City logistics

Cluster 4: Integrated planning /
Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

Cluster 5: Network and Mobility management

Cluster 6: Clean vehicles


E-learning with SOLUTIONS 

Save time and money by learning at your own pace and from the comfort of your office or home, with SOLUTIONS E-learning courses! The project has established a free series of online courses for those interested in bringing innovative transport solutions to their own town, city or region. Full course descriptions and schedule will soon be available. See below for more information in the meantime.


SOLUTIONS Products and results

A list of SOLUTIONS products and results sorted by ascending month of release. Public documents will be available for download, with a short description to give an indication of the contents of the deliverable.