Bringing SOLUTIONS to Turkish cities at Kocaeli workshop

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hosted by: EMBARQ Turkiye - SOLUTIONS project partner



In line with the SOLUTIONS project main objectives, this workshop in Kocaeli seeks to facilitate dialogue on current innovative sustainable mobility solutions and assess how these might work locally to encourage future uptake as well as cooperation between participating Turkish cities.

Bringing together city officials, the workshop will provide a platform on which to discuss the framework conditions for needs, priorities and gaps according to the six thematic clusters identified as the focus for SOLUTIONS project in testing the transferability of innovative sustainable mobility solutions. EMBARQ Turkiye is pleased to have experts to present on each of these six thematic areas. 

City officials participating in these meetings will have the opportunity to be informed about and participate in discussions on:

  • urban mobility solutions that can potentially be implemented in their region/city addressing their needs and gaps enabling them to better meet their priorities or fulfill future plans. 
  • different local conditions in places where these solutions have been successfully implemented, as well as the derived benefits.

Furthermore, an initial assessment of the transferability of these sustainable urban mobility solutions to the local context will be carried out to show the potential for success alongside the challenges which may be faced during implementation. 

Finally, city officials from MED partner countries will be also able to contribute to policy recommendations as well as helping to identify key research themes and questions for the Mediterranean region which need to be addressed in the future.

Guest speakers

Cluster 1. Public Transport: tbc

Cluster 2. Transport Infrustructure: BASt – Benjamin Schreck

Cluster 3. City Logistics: IFSTTAR – Laetitia Dablanc

Cluster 4. Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans/Integrated Transportation: Rupprecth-Consult – Susanne Boehler-Baedeker

Cluster 5. EU Funding and Opportunities: CERTH-HIT – Marie Boile

Cluster 6. Policy Development: TTR-Ltd – Venn Chesterton